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Jeep Stock Rims Big Tires. 17 rims will help with softer ride both on the pavement and at low pressure on the dunes. 275/70 r17’s (32.2 x 10.8) 295/70 17 (33 x 11.4) 285/75 17 (33.8 x 11.2) do straight 33’s work, if so, how wide to go on those stock rims?

jeep stock rims big tires
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37” tires would be too big for the stock rims. A few have already installed 37×12.5 tires on stock mojave’s.

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2010 Jeep Wrangler Tires And Wheels 2010 Jeep Wrangler

After reading through many threads here on wf, i’m leaning towards the 275/65r18 duratracs. Alloy rims are lighter and can give you increased fuel economy.

Jeep Stock Rims Big Tires

But looking to change the stance and look.By looking at the tire (especially a stock tire) you can figure out the rim size by the markings on the tire’s sidewall.Choose a model year to begin narrowing down the correct tire sizeDetermine your original rim size by looking on the side wall of your tire.

Every dealer has the option to customize a jeep to help it sell better.For instance, it might say:From the start, jeep designed the gladiator with modifications in mind.Give one a call and ask them what sizes were used on a stock vehicle, and ask about what tires are available and prices since you are going to be in the market soon anyway.

I ask because looking to replace tires and rims, have a set of rims given to me off of a jeep wrangler but trying to see what offset difference is before having all mounted.I can’t help but need similar info/advice.I don’t think i need more width.I have a 2012 jeep grand cherokee lardo 4×4 and i am wanting to add a 2.5 lift and duratracs tires.

I have been driving on them for a couple weeks and they have been great.I have not changed anything else to fit.I think i’ve narrowed it down to:I want to try to accomplish more ground clearance by taller tires without going so big that i get rubs.

I’d like a decent look without rubbing the fenders or suspension bits.I’m running stock 17 x 7.5 rims and currently still have original p245 65r 17’s with 50,000 miles on them.I’ve also seen them on the factory wheels.If you bought your jeep new yourself, then you know if it has the original stock wheels.

It’s probably a smart move to go back to a more reasonable size tire, the jeep will drive much better for it.Jeep newb here but i’m also interested in upgrading tires without getting too far into the weeds with a lift and spacers.Jeep parts are sold to be adjustable within a 2” range.Jeeps wrangler jk come stock with three different tire sizes and the stock backspacing is 6.25 (the larger the backspacing the further your wheel will be away from the fender, the smaller the backspacing the closer your wheel will be to the fender )

Just a bit of light fender liner rubbing on the back side of the rear tires, when flexing offroad.Most people are more curious about the size of.Need some help with tires please.One of the first things you can change is the tires.

People have fit 37” tires on the stock rims.)Please view video about our jeep rims below.Plus the 116s rating only weighs 3 lbs more.Plus, they tend to handle better so daily drivers usually choose these wheels.

Right now its all factory and i am wanting to keep the factory rims to save some cash.Right now the tires are p245/70r17.Same diameter as stock but slightly wider to fill in the fenders.Some of us want to put on larger tires on or jeep jk without having to put on a lift, here is a guide you can refer to:

That is on a stock suspension and stock wheels and no other modifications.That is why depending on where you get your jeep gladiator, it can have different tires.The 215 means the tire is close to 215mm wide.The biggest tires you can fit on a stock jeep wrangler tj is a 31×10.50.

The jeep gladiator can fit tires up to 285/70r17 in the rubicon trim level.The lt2 denotes it as a light truck tire.The rim needs to have the correct offset.The stock rims can probably work ok at the tight end of all adjustments for 35” tires.

They are 1 taller than the rubicon up front.They do rub slightly on super tight turns, but its not a big issue and i could always add a small spacer if it really bothered me.What is the stock offset for 08 jeep commander with 17” rims and 265/70t17 tire already on it?What size tires can you fit on a stock jeep gladiator?

Yes, this is the stock wheel.You can put 35s with no lift on the rubi, but you’ll need at least a 2 lift for the 37s or they’ll rub.You realize you will probably need different width rims also.You’ll also need a spare tire extender if you go with 37s as they won’t fit on the stock tire carrier.

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