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Displayport To Hdmi Cable Not Working

The p2210 can only do 1680×1050. You just need to disconnect all the hdmi cables and unplug the power cable.

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Then the signal would just drop out while watching a movie.

Displayport to hdmi cable not working. Just to add to this, i tried turning everything off and plugging only the acer ed272 into the video card via the dp to hdmi adapter. I am running windows 10 64 bit enterprise and all drivers are up to date also windows. Run ddu to completely remove all traces of display driver.

I brought the cable to seller and changed it and tried there it worked. I have ordered a docking station. So i took one of them with cable then went to seller and tried them on another pc which has gtx 1050ti.

Switching to the displayport input on the monitor just yields a no signal kind of thing. Robert shelton new member posts: Once i powered everything on the monitor just said no connection, and i couldn't even bring up the monitor's osd menu.

If it works, then it is the proof that the displayport is damaged. Dp has been able to do 2560 for an age so should be okay once it sorts itself out. The ps4 slim pro has an hdmi out port.

You said it worked on displayport with driver uninstalled, so we know possible driver issue. It may actually be a displayport to hdmi cable ( displayport as the source). I would do the following:

But on my pc it doesn't work. M2 seems to work just fine but m1 has a black screen. I have connected m1 with an insignia displayport/hdmi converter to the hdmi port on the monitor.

Hdmi works, but the dp port does not. I had the same issue with fonzman and i thought it was on account of me buying a cheap $5 mini displayport to hdmi adapter. And m2 with a vga/vga cable.

Not sure where to even start but the connection is not being detected by the computer or the monitor. They had a think center tio 21.5 inch touch monitor with just a display port connection. The first few times i had to unplug and plug it in a few times before it would read.

Displayport to hdmi not working. Btw, the hdmi cable will limit you to 1920×1080 but at least you'll know the port is working on the laptop. So i switched the hdmi cable out of the ed272 into the samsung and it came up fine.

Once that is done shut down pc. I looked in uefi but saw nothing that. If you have a retail outlet you can buy a new cable from you may wish to try another quality cable and see.

In this instance this individual had an hdmi connection on their lenovo idea pad 330 laptop. It is also true that different cards can be very picky about the display port cables. Make sure the cable is tightly fitted at both ends.

I can swap the dp for an hdmi cable, and the desktop is there. Hdmi connections don't fit as tightly as a component or composite video connection and sometimes slip out. I don't have another monitor, cable, or graphics card to test this out.

The cable you bought is designed to only do the opposite of what you need =. Oh, and check the screen refresh setting, get some weird stuff where the laptop tries to do 29.97hz and the display says no. It is also possible to have corrupted driver install i would suggest running ddu from wagnardsoft_com and try and install the driver again.

It took some fiddling, but i finally got it working via an hdmi cable. Take the cables back to the office and try it on an old junky bench machine. After about 10 minutes, plug back the power cable and connect your computer again to other device with the hdmi cable.

Display port to hdmi no signal. If hdmi not working issue happens to your computer, you should check the hdmi cable connection at first. But now, it works flawlessly.

Display port to hdmi adapter cable connects dp to hdmi and configure your monitor for an extended desktop or mirrored displays and so it it might be capable of transmitting sound to your display. Outcome is still the same. So, i bought displayport(gpu side) to hdmi(monitor side) cable and then i tried the cable on my both monitor and none of them did not work.

After testing with multiple displays and cables, no display sees a signal from my up2 via the dp. I thought my monitors are damaged, maybe. Neither viewsonic monitor is detected.

Hdmi can't carry displayport signal and a plain cable can't convert signals. Displayport not working with win10. I tried different cables and conveters.

When i connect a dvi or hdmi from my gtx 780 to my acer h274hl monitor all works fine but when i want to connect display port cable on my gtx 780 and the other side is hdmi that goes to my monitor than there is no signal at all. Link for the cable being used pasted below. It is most probably the displayport defect.

To connect it to the hdmi out of the ps4 slim pro, you would need a hdmi to dvi cable. It is possible that microsoft has not release drivers or is compatible with display port to hdmi cables.

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ASUS VA32AQ WQHD 1440p 5ms IPS DisplayPort HDMI VGA Eye

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ASUS VA32AQ WQHD 1440p 5ms IPS DisplayPort HDMI VGA Eye

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ASUS VA32AQ WQHD 1440p 5ms IPS DisplayPort HDMI VGA Eye

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ASUS VA32AQ WQHD 1440p 5ms IPS DisplayPort HDMI VGA Eye

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